DeepMind 12 Desktop Wireless MIDI

Gaz Williams from Sonic State shows us how he can connect to the DeepMind12 desktop version wirelessly so that he can use the Deepmind12 editor on his iPad. The DeepMind 12 Desktop is essentially exactly the same as the original DeepMind 12 without the keyboard. One added feature is the ability to polychain synths.

Introducing two new synths to the DeepMind line. Deepmind 12 Desktop and Deepmind 6.

The DeepMind 6 is exactly the same as the DeepMind 12, however with only 6 voices. It also has exactly the same effects engine as the original two.

The DeepMind 12 release date is TBA. In the meantime here is a link to the full sized keyboard version:

BUY Behringer DeepMind 12 49-Key 12-Voice Analog Synthesizer

Sherman FilterBank 2 Compact Announced

Sherman announced the FilterBank 2 compact version. I don’t have any information about the features but it looks good. Hoping it shares the same features as its daddy.

Original FilterBank 2 features:

Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters with resonance, frequency and ADSR (positive – negative) controls
These are switchable between parallel or serial
The second filter has a 6 octave switch, and is synchronizable with the first filter
1 ADSR generator for these filters with an external output for use with more filterbanks or modular systems, triggered by the incoming signal, by a second sounds source, or by a gate
1 FM input for the filters, internal or external audio, LFO or CV
1 VCA overdrive with AR generator also
1 ring modulator input, internal or external audio, LFO or CV

Behringer Minimoog Model D Clone

This is a first draft of the “D” Synth with a proposed feature set below. Nehringer says “Our goal is to design in a Poly Chain feature that allows combining up to 16 synths through MIDI. Depending on the feedback we will then decide if we move further and build a first prototype. Our targeted retail price is around US$ 400.

Analog Synthesizer with 3 VCOs, 24 dB Ladder Filter, LFO, 16-Voice Poly Chain and Eurorack Format
Analog synthesizer with triple VCO design
Reproduction of original “D Type” with matched transistors and JFETs
0.1% Thin Film resistors and Polyphenyline Sulphide capacitors for frequency stability
Analog signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
5 variable oscillator shapes with pulse width variation
Classic 24 dB ladder filter with resonance
Fully analog triangle/square wave LFO
Switchable low/high pass filter mode
16-voice Midi Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16-voice polyphony
Overdrive circuit
Noise generator
Complete Eurorack solution – main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
46 controls for real-time access of all important parameters
External audio input for processing external sound sources
Low and high level outputs
Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
3-Year Warranty Program

Pocket Operators Case By Equals Design

Equals Design teases a new case for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators Rythm, Sub & Factory.

Teenage Engineering is a Swedish electronics company founded in 2007. They make the Pocket Operator series in collaboration with the clothing label Cheap Monday. Pocket Operators are small, ultra-portable music devices, with studio quality sound and the flexibility to make music on the go. Here is a design concept that brings together the rhythm, sub and factory units to provide a neater and easier to use solution.

More info here

Dauwd Music What’s There EP

Dauwd Music – What’s There EP

For fans of Kompakt, Ghostly International, Pictures Music this album is just what the doctor ordered. Texture rich grooves and slippery melodies will fill your ears. Really enjoying this one!

Get Dauwd – What’s There EP

DSI Tempest Ambient Glitch Demo By Dj Puzzle

Jason Donnelly shows us a new Ambient Glitch song he got started on his DSI Tempest.

Iggy Pop Hates Techno (Xmpla Remix)

Punk rock god Iggy Pop gets a remix by Xmpla Music. He really hates Techno music!

“XMPLA is a fusion of stimulating rhythms and mind altering exotic sonic textures that cannot be classified by genre.”

Iggy Pop Hates Techno (Xmpla Remix)


Dave Smith Instruments Spotlight Dj Puzzle

Well today I am honored to be featured on the Dave Smith Instruments website! The even did an interview with my. I love my DSI Tempest!!

Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle) is a Los Angeles based composer for TV, video games, and film. He got his start producing loop packs for Sonic Foundry (now Magix) back in 2001, which led to his ongoing success and long list of credits including Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Damaged Core (Oculus VR). Tom Clancy’s The Division, Saints Row The Third, Saints Row IV, Growing Up Hip Hop, Wicked Tuna, Despicable Me 2 DVD featurette, Kroll Show, Portlandia, Lost Girl, The Royals, Nightwatch, Wahlburgers, MLB.TV, MMA, E! News Weekly and more. When he isn’t busy writing for TV, he’s cranking out sample packs for his side project, Soundtrack Loops.

We chatted with him about how he’s using the Tempest.

Jason, what made you choose the Tempest?

Read the rest here!!

Modal Craft Synth DIY Mono Synth

The new Modal Craft Synth, is a two OSC subtractive mono synth that comes in a build it yourself kit – we’re told it takes no longer than 10 minutes and requires no soldering or skills.
The 2 Oscillators feature Sine, Tri Saw, PWM, Noise and FM with an LFO with six destinations and an envelope into a mixer and Low pass Resonant filter. As well as a touch pad keyboard for instant gratification (programmable scales) and additional settings manipulation. The Craft Synth also has 16 patch locations and a class compliant USB connection – so you can drive this from your DAW, or iPad editor.

Stillson Hammer MKII Demo Mix By Joe Miller

Joe Miller demos the Stillson Hammer MKII module in this cool chill out jam.

“A first patch using the Stillson Hammer MKII. Fairly simple song that uses STO and Rings as primary voices. A noise source hi-hat and animated Clouds adds some backbone.”

STILLSON HAMMER MARK II is a 4-track control voltage sequencer for realtime music performance. Four CV/gate tracks directly control your collection of oscillators and percussion. Seven pages of parameters determine your musical performance, edited in realtime with a bank of 16 sliders. A series of hotkeys immediately generate or modify sequences or individualised parameters across all four tracks, with no menu diving whatsoever. Two CV inputs and large manual controls mutate any number of sequence parameters, with programmable modulation amount per step. 32 preset slots are provided for your storage of sequencer data. The keypad, rotary encoder, CV modifiers, LED feedback (on all buttons, sliders, and numerical display) and slider bank work in harmony to allow astonishingly fast music creation across all four tracks, in an ergonomically valid user interface uncommon in modular synthesis. It is possible to quickly generate and meaningfully manipulate a full 4-track sequence with minimal slider interaction.

Dedicated hot keys for instantly intitialising or randomising parameter or track data.
Intelligent slider catch allows one row of sliders to program a number of different pages, with visual feedback
4-digit numerical display provides feedback about currently edited parameter
Nonvolatile preset storage of 32 sequences
Delay, burst, and slide times track tempo changes
Internal clock generator or external input
Manual or trigger controlled start/stop/reset (reset trigger output provided)
Per track (4 tracks total)

1v/oct calibrated CV output (8V max)
Gate output (10v)
Mute function
Quantizer scale (off, 12-tone, roots and fifths, minor/major triads, sixth and sevenths, all seven modes with selectable root)
adjustable track length (each track may differ, all tracks follow the reset signal, preset changes happen at the end of track 1’s length)
Parameters per step (maximum 16 steps per sequence)

CV value (0-8V at full scale, 0-5V, or selectable 2-octave ranges)
Gate length and offset/delay
Burst rate and repetition count per step
All step parameters may be modulated by two external CV channels. Each CV input can be assigned to any combination of parameter pages, with the attenuation of the CV input programmable per sequencer step. The two manual controls are large and playable.

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